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Che Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. 則宥興業有限公司

Mortocycle carburettor assembly

The YSN you promoting education Limited company, is the Taiwan specialized carburetor, the carburetor manufacture company, is the Taiwan area well-known locomotive, the agriculture uses, the grass cutter, the wood sawing machine, the sleigh, the ships factory. Is Taiwan economics and trade registers the key prop's excellent in quality company; Is also Taiwan leader brand supply manufacturer, specialty of control carburetor manufacture manufacturer through ISO 9001 international authentication. Our specialized technical team has 30 year above research and development technical background, also has five axis precise CNC automatic lathe, the high accuracy to press the molding machine, and quotes Switzerland, Germany, Japan to be newest the precise processing equipment; For many years by exquisite technical, innovation research and development, good faith management, strict examination, as well as rapid post-sale service; Makes the high quality, the stable product; Our product marketing world, European, Japanese, American, Soviet, Southeast Asia each region, wins the fine prestige to assign the use the affirmation. We grasp the specialty which continues forever to manage. Good faith. The innovation idea, provides more high qualities the products to give the customer attentively, achieves the plot altogether advantage the approaches to cooperation.
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Company Name: Che Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. 則宥興業有限公司 Company Type: Manufacturer ()
Area: Taiwan/Tainan City Company Size:
Registered Capital: 200000 ten Thousands USD Registered Year: 1998
Security deposit: Already 0.00 USD
Business Scope: Mortocycle carburettor assembly
Motorcycles & Parts / Engines & Components / Carburetor & Parts